Jackie Robinson Project 2017

Romanian Federation of Baseball and Softball, together with U.S. Embassy in Romania, will organize in the next period two very special events to promote social cohesion and community values.

15th of April: JACKIE ROBINSON TROPHY - a game between the Romanian national team and a team representing the US military stationed in Romania - for celebrating the Jackie Robinson Day, on 15th of April. The main event will take part in Constanta, near American base (15th of April 3-4 hours: 11a.m.-3p.m).

5th of July: BASEBALL FESTIVAL DAY – a series of events for promoting American baseball in Romania - celebrating the 4th of July – the Independence Day of the United States. We will have a weekend of training (30th of June, Calarasi - training with children from Calarasi, M. Kogalniceanu and Curcani; 1st of July, Alexandria - training with children from Alexandria, Deveselu, Olteni) and, on 5th of July – an exhibition game in Bucharest, one day after the 4th of July 2017 Reception.

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